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atxnolasco: A piece for the #EleNao #EleNunca (#NotHim…


A piece for the #EleNao #EleNunca (#NotHim #NeverHim) women’s movement against Brazil’s presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

Since Dilma Rousseff, our first woman president, was the victim of a right-wing coup, Brazil is going through a sensitive yet aggressive change. We had a military dictatorship from 1964 to 1985, then a left-center democratical leadership for over 12 years, and we may be on edge of being taken by the militaries again. Bolsonaro is ahead in the pools and it’s the military candidate. To the families that until today claim for an inspection of the dictatorial period to be able to bury their loved ones remains, he has said that “who look for bones are dogs.” He has also said that “none of his sons would marry a black woman because they were well-raised”, and during an argument with a congresswoman, that he “only didn’t rape her because she didn’t deserve”. Bolsonaro is openly against minorities, having stated that LGBT children should have been bitten more and that he doesn’t see a problem in women being paid less than men. Voting “yes” to Dilma Rusself impeachment, he dedicated his words to the Colonel who tortured her during the


period (among other methods, Colonel Ustra introduced living rats in her vagina. Dilma was one of the many brave woman who fought against the militaries in the 60′ and 80′). Also, his biggest flag is to take down Brazil’s gun control laws.

This man has a real and scary change to be Brazil’s next president. He’s ahead in all the pools, but also has the biggest rejection of all canditates, mainly among women. So, we’re speaking out. Not him. Never him.

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atxnolasco: A piece for the #EleNao #EleNunca (#NotHim…

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