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June 2014

Katy Perry in Tokyo

#katyperry CMT Crossroads

Katy Perry on the cover of Cosmopolitan

Katy Perry ‘I’ve had a lot of therapy’

Katy Perry says it took a lot of therapy to get over her famous ex’s.

In a interview the Katy discusses her struggle to come to grips with her divorce from Russell Brand and her most recent break-up with John Mayer earlier this year.

She also revealed the longest she’s gone without sex, admitting she doesn’t have rules when it comes to getting frisky between the sheets.

Speaking to Chelsea Handler in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, Katy Perry opened up about her 14 month marriage to Brand, which was finalised in the summer of 2012.

‘It feels like a hundred lifetimes ago, so it’s like digging up an old grave. A lot of therapy has happened and a lot of understanding and growth,’ she said. ‘Sometimes you have to go through all this s*** to get your grips on life and figure out what the next boundaries in your love life are going to be.’

Adding, ‘You have to go through the mud in order to find that peaceful place. In the long run, it was necessary for me to have more of a teammate.’
She also discussed her second breakup this past February with Mayer: ‘I know it sounds really hippie-s***, but I’m living in the now and not fantasizing about the future or [being] torn up about the past.

‘I have a lot of respect for John still, and I know it goes both ways. There’s no bad blood, but I’m sure there will be inspired songs.’

Katy also admitts she isn’t ‘super strict’ with her sex life.

The Roar hitmaker doesn’t make rules when it comes to getting frisky beneath the sheets, but she believes there should be a ‘connection’.

She explained: ‘I’m not like Professor Higgins with my sex life and I’m not super strict. For me, the most important thing about sex is connection.’

The singer also said the longest she’s ever gone without having sex is between six months and a year, but she’s adamant she’d never have a one-night stand.

Handler asked, how long she’s gone without getting intimate with someone in the bedroom, Katy replied: ‘Maybe six months or a year. I don’t stay single for long. I carry a lot of rose quartz, which attracts the male. Maybe I need to calm it down with the amethyst.’

In addition to the interview Katy the first-ever global cover model for Cosmopolitan.

Katy Perry graces the July edition of the publication in 62 countries, which hit news stands on Tuesday.

This is the first time Cosmo has integrated their magazine on a global scale, proving that Katy may indeed be the most popular female star in the world today.

For the cover the Katy singer dons a sequinned mini dress with flaming candy colours and a zip up front.

Displaying her toned legs, Katy offers the camera a sexy gaze as her green hair is a tousled mess.

In another cover image, the singer wears a strapless (and very plunging) blue dress with a doughnuts graphic pattern.

Letting her mouth open wide, Perry positions her arms in a classic pin up pose as she bends her knee seductively.

Explaining Cosmo’s reason for choosing the pop star, editor in chief Joanna Coles stated: ‘Katy’s music and attitude have universal appeal to young women everywhere.

‘She crosses all cultural boundaries. Her music is soulful and empowering in equal measure. She’s the first Cosmo global icon.’

Speaking with Chelsea Handler in the Cosmo interview, she talks candidly about whether she would ever get back together with John Mayer, her longest period of sexual abstinence, and her respect for Beyonce.

Katy also had a message for in the closet Cosmo readers: ‘If you’re secretly reading this mag and not really allowed to, don’t worry, I did it too.’
Katy Perry disembarks London ferry on the way to her O2 concert

Katy Perry “Roars” in to O2 Concert

Katy was spotted boarding a ferry from the Savoy pier on her way to the O2 Greenwich for her concert on Friday and she dressed up for the occasion.

Perry wore in a tiny printed minidress and purple heels with a blazer to keep her warm.
Her dark hair is still streaked with green and bright sunglasses completed her look.

She was joined by a large entourage including her bodyguard who has been at her side during her stay in London.


June 2014

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