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Left Shark Vendor will Fight Back

Katy Perry in football dress
Katy Perry left shark

Left Shark Vendor will Fight Back

Fernando Sosa, the man who made the Left Shark sculptures who received a cease-and-desist letter last week from Katy’s lawyers, says now he’s going to fight back

On Monday he said that he had retained a lawyer and was going to fight Team Perry.

Sosa wrote on his blog, “Usually when it comes to small business owners, when the lawyers come after you the outcome is usually pretty predictable. Lawyer sends you a threatening letter and in fear of legal action you do whatever the lawyer tells you to do.”

“I decided to finally take a stand and break the usual cycle of rolling over or giving into legal threats.”

His lawyer claims, that costumes cannot be copyrighted and that the NFL had more control over the halftime show than Perry claims she did.

Sosa’s lawyer, Chris Sprigman said, “Going ahead with these very dubious copyright claims will not benefit Katy Perry,” he wrote in a letter to Perry’s lawyers.

For now Sosa will keep selling the shark figures for the time being.




Left Shark Vendor will Fight Back

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