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September 2014

Katy Perry brings Prismatic World Tour to NYC
Katy Perry red hair and muppet

Katy Perry shows off her RED hair

The 29-year-old singer debuted the dramatic change on her Instagram on Wednesday and compared the look to Animal of The Muppet Show.

Posting the photo to her instragram she said, “Got dat hot wheels hurrr/play doe pink do by @majormoonn,” referring to Play-Doh moulding clay and her hair colourist Daniel Moon.

Wearing a diamond necklace and pink lipstick she added a Muppet pictured with drumsticks in hand.

Coming up, Katy competing at the MTV Europe Music Awards after receiving seven nominations with pop rival Ariana Grande.

The ceremony will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, on November 9.

Katy will then be on the Australia leg of her Prismatic tour, with two days off between gigs in Perth on November 8 and Adelaide on November 11.

But it will be unlikely that she’s can make long round trip.


Katy Perry in Rogers Arena, Vancouver BC

Katy Perry on the Cover of Harper's Bazaar

Katy Perry on the Cover of Harper’s Bazaar

Katy told the magazine she’s wants a man with a ‘large vocabulary’ but isn’t about rush.

After a few cryptic digs at other pop stars, Katy Perry was looking every inch the star on the cover of October’s Harper’s Bazaar.

With her hair swept back off her face in soft waves and heavy winged eyeliner, she looked every inch of a star.

“As I’m heading into my 30s I have less time for bulls**t,” she told the magazine.

“I look for the same characteristics, a sense of humour, someone who makes me laugh, someone who is sensitive, someone who loves and understands music, and lastly, someone who is really smart.

“A lot of times I’ve ended up with people who have been intimidated by me, unfortunately,” she added.

She said she’s not going to us Tinder to find a date but will rely on friends to help her out.

The singer also said she’s attracted to men who have “quite large vocabularies”.

Katy Perry in Harper's Bazaar
“In my late 20s, I’ve educated myself more than I did growing up because I wasn’t able to have a great education,” she went on.

Katy talked about her past relationships and the effects they’ve had on her saying she has been seeing a therapist.

“I had to learn about taking care of myself before I could take care of others. I want to mommy everyone. I want to take care of them. I want to save them, and I forget myself in the meantime. I learned that through therapy.”

Adding that she meditates five to six times every week and has an ‘act-out day about every four to six months’.

“I’ll have a cigarette, which I know is absolutely horrible for me, after a few drinks when I’m having a week off. I don’t do black tar heroin.”


Katy Perry in Calgary

Katy Perry Roars In Calgary

Katy Perry’s Prismatic Tour arrived in Calgary Thrusday night.

With it’s dazzling visual and display in front of a capacity crowd of mostly kids and parents it didn’t disappoint.

After four albums and numerous never-ending concert tours, Perry show continues to wow the crowds.

The stunning array of lights, lasers, elevating platforms, huge video screens, dancers, multiple costumes, and Katy’s top hits is a entertainment package that’s hard beat.
Perry’s live performance isn’t exactly live she uses a live microphone over top of a pre-recorded track.

“This isn’t my first rodeo here,” Perry shouted to the crowd.

“We’re back, and welcome to the Prismatic World Tour. I like you, Calgary, and that’s why I keep coming back to you!” she said.

With an Egyptian-theme production and costumes Perry belted out her best songs, Dark Horse, E.T. and Legendary Lovers before singing I Kissed A Girl.

The audience roared with approval for the hit Hot N Cold as well as International Smile, which featured a nod to Madonna’s Vogue.

She closed with Teenage Dreams, California Gurls and Birthday, making it the greatest night of her pre-teen fans.

Parents couldn’t say no and cash registers kept ringing with the purchase of sky high souvenirs.



September 2014

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