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Katy Perry poses in the press room during Z100's Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden




If You came by me would I crown You my King

Or brush You off as though I really didn’t see

If You walked by my side would our souls then be unified

I swore Your name would never be denied


But I took up this hammer

And laughed at all Your slander

And pierced Your hands

With the nails of blasphemy

How could I do this? I don’t know

Said something forced me to it, so

Spit in Your face and passed You by

(I’d forgotten those words “your name won’t be denied”)


But time and time again I’d live that life of sin

I knew it hurt you bad but I wasn’t ready to give in

“Maybe someday,” but not this day I said

I wanted to live my life I was willing to pay the price




But looking into my eyes I knew You felt this heart’s cry

I needed You bad my life was oh so sad

But looking back at all this pain, this guilt, this strife

Would You take it all away if I were to give you back my life?


But You said “I’ve forgiven thee”

And You said “I’ve forgiven thee” (repeat)


He was hanging on a cross

With a crown of thorns in His head (repeat)


But You said “I’ve forgiven thee”

And You said “I’ve forgiven thee” (repeat)





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