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Katy Perry broadcasts her phone number

Katy Perry broadcasts her phone number

Katy Perry  and Butters

Katy Perry new hair

Katy Perry broadcasts her phone number

Katy start off her April 1st by posting a snap shot of her with short hair, telling fans that she was inspired by Kris Jenner to go with a new look.

But of course it was a April fools joke, but the joke ended up on her later that day when she posted a short video clip to her social media.

Playing with her new pooch ‘Butters’, the cute little dog which is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle mix, who wears a collar. Attached to the collar is a tag with Katy’s phone number which was clearly visible.

Some astute fans were quick to spot the number and began phoning Katy who quickly learned of her mistake.

After removing the video she got her phone number changed to the disappointment of a few of her fans.

One fan posted a message saying, ‘Hi there would you just re connect your number so we can send you a video of us singing walking on air thank you.’




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